Nationally awarded and recognized.
Not just a firm, but a powerhouse of creativity.

Let's consider BA Innovative a center of excellence for sign design. This is us in our element.
We believe that good design sells itself, and that concepts should generate sales not revisions.
BA exercises intuitive talent that provides solutions you never thought were possible.   

"A business without a sign, is a sign of no business."
- A brilliant human who knew what they were talking about.

Signage is everywhere, you can't get away from it. It's clear that all signs have a purpose. Some of those purposes are to move, locate, and direct us, while others are to influence, decorate, or even empower us. They come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, all executed with a purpose in mind. Often overlooked and understated in the design — BA is revolutionizing this trend.   

We create signage with the mindset that it is one of the most useful forms of art around.

We are masters at our approach, and we use the science behind how your brain evaluates beauty. As designers, we have the innate ability to create a sense of balance by looking at many features, and their relationship to other objects, space, colors, and placement. This is how we non-verbally maneuver buyers through concepts to, ultimately, a beautiful end result. 

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What does all this mean to you?

  • Experienced and specialized designers at your finger tips.
  • Designs that sell with minimal to no revisions.
  • Concepts that impress and sell quickly using our
    Three Concept Approach:
    • Concept One - Designed precisely as requested by the client and/or customer. This is the baseline that, when compared to the following concepts, makes it obvious that there may have been some overlooked components.
    • Concept Two - Designed by altering Concept One to play with the human brain correctly. This may require a variety of tweaks to develop the best looking sign possible. Sometimes this may result in an entirely new, out-of-the-box concept as well.
    • Concept Three - This is where we take full control and interject something that makes the customer say “Wow!” This new concept still maintains some integrity to the brand, but pushes the customer into a whole new level of thinking.

We are passionate designers.
Passionate designers create inspired designs.
Inspired designs sell. 

So we keep our process simple, relaxed, and effective. 


Step One: Initial Discussion

This is were we get to know each other. A 30-45 minute phone conference that's casual and easy. We will discuss our process, the scope of the project, and ask a variety of questions to better understand your needs. As we move forward we maintain an open line of communication with you (that goes both ways) throughout the entire process. 


Step Two: Gathering Assets and Document Exchange

Most sign projects have images, documents, blueprints, logos, and other elements that are helpful for us to look over. Once we have received all essential components and feel we understand the scope of your project, we will develop an estimate. This estimate will include the pricing, timeline, and any other relevant information.  


Step Three: Concept Reveal

Upon establishing all necessary terms and pricing we begin our design process. This is where we go into our creative lair and let our brains explode. When we emerge we will present you with several concepts that have been crafted with all your needs in mind. 


Step Four: Hand Off of Production Files

We've made it! It's time for us to release the concepts into your hands. BA will prepare the files and send them over for your use. These files will be used by a sign company to generate engineering and further detail specifics based on their production department. We remain available for questions and clarification until the very end of your project. 


I have been in the Sign Business for over 40 years, from manufacturing to supervision and sales. I have learned that the best tool is a good designer. BA has new, modern, upbeat ideas, and a great work ethic and attitude. They bring that exuberant outlook with a fresh sense of style to projects. My sales increased and my customers were pleased with the designs that were done. If you were to bring them on board you'd be making a smart investment in the future of your company.
Bill Tieland
Sales Rep | Toledo Sign Co.

I have gone on to work with BA on a professional basis for design services and consulting. BA is responsive, thorough, and completely committed to the work they receive. Their talent shows through in the results, which illustrate truly thoughtful design and attention to detail. I’d recommend contracting them for any project which might be of high importance or require a higher level of creative input and ability.
Dane Alvord
Owner | Royal Sign

I have been consistently impressed with their ability to think outside of the box and take any design to the next level. 
They articulate information and ideas both verbally and written, but their designs speak for themselves....they have the passion, zeal, and initiative to push any project they're handed, and are truly outstanding designers that keep sales moving.
Myra Gueli
Sales Rep | Toledo Sign Co.

I contacted BA because I was looking for something fresh. New designs that would showcase what we can do as a sign manufacturer. They offered a few different options that really stood out. Service was fast and accurate. I am very happy and will be having them do more work for us.
Dean Betram
Owner | Innovative Foam

I've worked with BA on a daily basis, and as a sales rep they have made my job 100x easier. They take minimal time to grasp the entire scope of a project, and they ALWAYS deliver. My customers come back time and time again to get the creative work they so passionately design.
Amber Kramer
Sales Rep | Oakhurst Signs

My customer was pretty adamant that he wanted his sign to have his logo exactly as it was, but today he kept staring at Option 3 and making comments on how he liked it. He didn't even look at Option 1 for very long, which is what he had asked for.
Innovative Foam

Strategically designed with the viewer's brain in mind.
Our goal is to fill the streets with the best looking signs around.  

Conceptual Sign Design
$400 and Up

Pricing for signage varies due to the uniqueness of each project.
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Standard Project Types

  • Monument Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Projecting Signs
  • Refurbished Signs
  • EMC & changeable copy signs
  • Environmental Sculptures/Art
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Post and panel signs
  • ADA Signs
  • Large format digital graphics
  • Banners
  • Sign packages & buildouts

Other Related Services

Design Department Education

Sign design is not taught in college, and it is overlooked in the field. However, as the demand for more creative design heightens, your need for quality designers has never been greater. Whether it's a brief discussion, or a hands-on learning experience in your facility, we're willing to work with your designers to show them some of the tips and tricks we've picked up along the way. Please contact us for a free consultation and pricing.

Trade Show Booths
$600 and Up

With layout and design for dimensional creations, like signs, we naturally ventured into development of creative experiences for our clients who desired to "Wow!" their customers at trade shows. With our amazing fabrication partners we are certain to provide a show-stopping booth.

Example →

Vehicle Wraps
$900 and Up

Billboards are stagnant and expensive, but a "billboard" on a car — that's just smart! A moving advertisement that's fast and on-the-go... you need design experts that know how to grab attention quickly. 

Example →